Blue Gladiator

It feels like time is running- and I try to catch up with everything. This post should have been published on sunday, but I struggled a lot with my time management but finally I made it to open my laptop and start writing. There are thousands of things to do, to plan und to discuss- but hey: I don´t complain! I love what I do and I am more than happy to not even thinking about the word “boredom”. Also some personal projects are happening soon. Now we are planning a big vacation for summer – wait, I can already say R O A D T R I P, and of course the house warming. Still, nothing in my flat is like I wish it would be, but I am working on it! And as soon as everything (or almost everything) is done, you´ll get a sneak peak with some posts in every room. Afterwards house warming with my girls and a loooooot of champagne. I am S O happy to live in a beautiful apartment like mine and still can´t believe, we really found something affordable  in the center of Munich!


I wear:

Dress: Conleys
Sandals: Mango
Hat: Anthropologie

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This dress is perfect for summer 2015: daytimes I wear it with gladiator sandals and for the night I put some high heels on. I love how the sequins sparkle when the sun goes down. And even with moonlight it should be magic. If you go to an event with a lot of food (we all know this moment, when you die to eat eeeeverything from the buffet, but you wear a damn tight dress) this is your dress. Doesn´t matter how much you eat, nobody will notice- as long as you don´t spill something 😉

Normally I wouldn´t wear sequins. They look for me kind of … cheap. But hey! It all depends on the H O W. When you have high class fabrics and a nice style it can look fabulous. Well, that´s what I think 😉 What are your thoughts about this outfit?

Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-München-Deutschland-Conleys-Fashion-Gladiatorensandalen-blaues-Pailettenkleid-Linda-Rella-Lindarella-Fitnessblog-9 Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-München-Deutschland-Conleys-Fashion-Gladiatorensandalen-blaues-Pailettenkleid-Linda-Rella-Lindarella-Fitnessblog-5 Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-München-Deutschland-Conleys-Fashion-Gladiatorensandalen-blaues-Pailettenkleid-Linda-Rella-Lindarella-Fitnessblog-12

Here you find the exact products of my outfit:

Sandals by Mango – 19,99 Euro, Hat by Anthropologie – 55 Euro and dress by  Conleys on Sale- 159,99


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