Workout with Yurbuds

Doing a workout whilst the workout? But of course! Just running is already to lame for us fitness freaks right? During my time at the Lake of Constance last weekend I had enough time to shoot some parts of my training and also a few tipps and tricks for you guys! At the moment I love doing videos and so here are not just pics, but also a little movie from my favorite running trail!


I already told you about my yurbuds headphones  -> here <- and I hope you know, you can still win three of them till sunday -> here <- ! I tested them on the weekend and can guarantee what Yurbuds promises: they don´t hurt, they don´t fall out and are extremly comfortable. Even whilst jumpging, running and doint headstands! I am S O happy to had the chance to test those earphone and found with them my perfect partner in crime for sports.

Here you find the exercises I showed you in the videos with pics and explanation:


Bench Jumps with Squat: If you are not a beginner try not just the “normal” bench jumps but do also a squat while jumping! You can use a bench or – as me – a promenade and do a squat before and after the jump. 3 times 10 repetitions.

Knee ups: Take again a bench or similar and climb with one feet up and lift the other knee as high as you can. Change the legs. 3times 15 repetitions.Fitnessblog-Fitnessblogger-München-Deutschland-Munich-Germany-Fitness-Blog-Lindarella-Linda-Laufblog-Yurbuds-Kophhörer-3

Push ups: Girls, if you are not yet into push ups, it helps a lot if you first do them on a bench or something similar. 3×15


Commandos: Start in the Plankposition and change, arm after arm, to the push up position- and back. 3x 15


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