Instagramer to watch – fashion

After Fitness there is Fashion- of course! I will show you now my favorite Fashin Instagram accounts, where I not just love the style, but also the quality of the pictures and to be honest: also a little bit the food part 😉

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Kiki has a (typical) swedish allround blog with topics as fitness, fasion, food, lifestyle – everything I love also! I am obsessed with her style – and her fruitbowls 😉

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Valerie lives in Frankfurt, Germany and is blogging since 4 years. Additional to her blog she runs her instagram account for a daily insight in her life. She not just has a great style- it´s also affordable and therefore a must for every fashionista with normal budget 🙂

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I am sure most of you know Dutch Blogger Negin Mirsaheli. I totally love her looks, accessories & food pics and I just would copy most of her looks- if I wouldn´t be so poor 😉

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-18 um 14.08.40@ohhcouture

As I met Leonie about half a year ago in Berlin the first thing I thought was: “Great style!” – now, as I am following her on instagram I still think the same on every other outfit / pic. Plus she is such a sweet person and I always love seeing her!

Guess what will be the next “Instagramer to watch” post will be about? Well, I am pretty sure you know already- any insiders?

xxx, Linda


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