Go to south tyrol without visiting the hometown of my dad? No way. Last weekend, as we drove back from Ahrntal Valley we stopped for dinner in Bressanone. I just love those little streets in the oldtown and how you can make awesome pics!Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Lifestyle-München-Deutschland-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-Aware_Cashmere-Any_Di-Brixen-Bressanone-Le_Specs_verspiegelt-6

I wear:

Heels: Valentino, similar here
Skirt: Forever21, similar here
Pullover and cape: Aware Cashmere
Bag: Any Di
Sunnies: Le Specs
Bracelts: Cruciani, I am, Invisibobble
Necklaces: Anthropologie

Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Lifestyle-München-Deutschland-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-Aware_Cashmere-Any_Di-Brixen-Bressanone-Le_Specs_verspiegelt-7 Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Lifestyle-München-Deutschland-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-Aware_Cashmere-Any_Di-Brixen-Bressanone-Le_Specs_verspiegelt-5

Since I changed my look a few month ago I just L O V E green clothes and accessories! Mint is since some year one of my favorite color and I own this skirt for some years. Those shoes I saw by accident and HAD to buy them. It’s better if you don’t check what they cost- but hey, they are in “my” color.

The last month I also bought a few more clothes in darker nuances. I definitely love the combination with blue, as you can see in this look with peacock print. This combination is by the way a mix of cashmere and silk and perfect for hot summer days. Also it feels awesome to wear- but  I am sure you could guess that! 😉

Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Lifestyle-München-Deutschland-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-Aware_Cashmere-Any_Di-Brixen-Bressanone-Le_Specs_verspiegelt-1 Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Lifestyle-München-Deutschland-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-Aware_Cashmere-Any_Di-Brixen-Bressanone-Le_Specs_verspiegelt-2

Those sunglasses is one of my favorites. I wear it with everything als also bought it for the second time asI broke it this year. I am also thinking about buying them 3 or 4 times again- just in case LeSpecs won’t sell it one day 😉

Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Lifestyle-München-Deutschland-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-Aware_Cashmere-Any_Di-Brixen-Bressanone-Le_Specs_verspiegelt-9 Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Lifestyle-München-Deutschland-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-Aware_Cashmere-Any_Di-Brixen-Bressanone-Le_Specs_verspiegelt-8

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