by Lindarella

The perfect summer shorts

Shorts, flattering blouses, big sunglasses and light shoes: Everything I need for a perfect summer outift. To find the perfect shorts was really hard…

Hello Sun!

Finally: No more layering with sweaters, coats, scarfs and everything warm we can find. Finally the times of sunglasses, light coats and sneaker without socks….


Hello Paris!

It’s almost time to go back to Munich and I haven’t even postet the first outfit I wore in Paris! Shame on me! But…


Baby, it’s cold outside

I love sports, I love to move and to challenge my body. Mostly I love to workout in the nature and give my best….


Rain in Paris

Rain in Paris? Well, then why not wearing an outfit that fights the rain? If you have just a few days in a beautiful…


Wiesn Madness Part 2

May I introduce you my selfmade Dirndl number two: it is totally different from what I did before: traditional, with lacing and even braided….


O’zopft is

This Saturday we heard it for the first time this year: “O’zapft is”! The Oktoberfest, located in Munich opened the doors and thousands of…


Wiesn Essentials

I already warned you about spamming through Wiesn time! So it just started: this is my very first “own” Wiesn post where you can…


Wednesday Blues

The last hot days call for wearing short dresses! In a few weeks they will be banned into some boxes and warm winter coats…


Business Vibes

Autumn is here and that means: New clothes! You may have already notices, that I always need some time to follow the latest trends,…


Dirndl Faves 2015

I have to apologize in advance: Everyone who is not from Munich or doesn’t like the Oktoberfest will have a hard time during the…


Dress this autumn

Yes, fall is near. But stop wearing dresses? N O ! I just switched my light summer dresses with some knit ones – without…


One day in Vienna / Runtastic

Actually I wanted to be lazy the whole weekend and just stay in bed. Watching Netflix, eating in bed and don’t move. Spontaneously I…


New in: Dreambag

The best decisions you can make are those you make spontaneously, right? Can somebody please say “right!” now? To be honest: After my last…


Grey mouse

A whole outfit in just grey? You won’t find that on Lindarella! I absolutely love this color in all it’s shades, but I am…


Let’s mix up summer with winter!

Whilst window shopping it’s getting even more clear than just checking your calendar or the weather forecast: Summer is almost over and the cold, wet…


Utopia Island Festival

To be honest: I am not a festival fan. Normally. But if a visit at a festival means one day only, good music, drinks…


Pastell Dreams

I have to admin: At the moment I really have a problem with “love at first sight”: There are times I shop absolutely nothing…


All those green clothes

I guess you already noticed, that I L O V E  green clothes since i dyed my hair orange. This outfit I wore last…

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Starbucks & Any Di

Is there anything more satisfying than a day full of shopping and iced chai tea latte? Well, yes, on hot summer days I also…



Go to south tyrol without visiting the hometown of my dad? No way. Last weekend, as we drove back from Ahrntal Valley we stopped…


Meet me by the pool

A summer without T H E perfect new bikini? No way! I have to admit I have a few pairs (well to me honest…

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-09 um 20.30.17

Designer vs. Budget

It’s been a while since I posted my first Designer vs. Budget post- well, I have to say I am not that into “collages”…


Meet Phil&Lui

As we visited South Tyrol we also shot some pics for an awesome new label. Lui, who I know since ages and her boyfriend…

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-06 um 11.30.37

Instagramer to watch – lifestyle

A new round “instagramer to watch” is on. Today: Lifestyle. But what are “lifestyle” accounts? Well… I don’t know exactly, I just picked some…


Emporio Armani Sounds

On Tuesday this week me and kind of half Munich went to the re-opening of the Armani Store. Highlight this evening was the performance…


Go get ’em tiger

As you already know we have been last weekend in Berlin for some serious sports events (check it out here). But besides of fitness…

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-18 um 13.58.42

Instagramer to watch – fashion

After Fitness there is Fashion- of course! I will show you now my favorite Fashin Instagram accounts, where I not just love the style,…


Rue de Verneuil

Oh Paris. If I go through the pictures we shot a few days ago in France I become homesick but at the same time it…


Tourists in Paris

This is my outfit I wore in Paris for shopping. The weather forecast was pretty nice so I packed sunny, summery clothes- well, the…


Airport Munich

There´s something really special about airports to me. This year I flew more than I did my whole life before. I saw so many cities…


Roland Garros

Most of you already know that I have been this week for two days with Caro in Paris. Lacoste launched their new fragrance for…


Chic & rockig

A look which is chic and at the same time casual? Easy peasy with a halfbun, ripped jeans and heels with a sequin top….



This weekend the weather forecast finally sounded like summer! Without checking the temperature today I put my new summer dress & shoes on and…


Blue Gladiator

It feels like time is running- and I try to catch up with everything. This post should have been published on sunday, but I…


Workout with Yurbuds

Doing a workout whilst the workout? But of course! Just running is already to lame for us fitness freaks right? During my time at…