Adidas Shoot- Behind the scenes

About three weeks ago I was the second time in Herzogenaurach- home of the Adidas HQ. I was asked I want to take part in a photo shoot to capture imagery that will be used on the social platforms. Well- OF COURSE I wanted! Maybe you already saw a sneak peak on Instagram but I didn´t upload more pics because the football shoes I wore (Predator Instinct Supernatural) weren´t out already. But today is the day and so you get spammed with all the behind the scenes pics Reggie took for me with my phone- thanks again sweetheart! It was amazing to put on again soccer shoes and shoot some balls.The last time I did this was about 10 years ago (I used to play football/soccer, but I had to leave my time because at a certain age you are not allowed to play anymore with boys. From this time on I didn´t touch a ball again- maybe it was my little rebellion, and started ballet) It was so much fun with the girls & boys, I love the new adidas sportsclothes and am everytime I see something new really suprised and think: I neeeeeed this!

Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-4 Adidas-PredatorInstinct-Supernatural-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-2 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-5 Adidas-Predator-Instinct-Supernatural-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-6 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-7 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-8 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-10 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-11 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-12 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-1

On this shooting day we did three different themes: Soccer, Training and Running- I am so excited to see how the photos are and will show them you as soon as they are sent to me. Maybe you even spot them on one of the adidas social channels (@adidas @adidaswoman @adidas_de @adidasfootball)! I think I will totally freak out if I see one pic there- Me, a almost beginner in terms of blogging am allowed to work with such a big and inspiring brand as Adidas. I am so gratefull for those opportunities, a big thank you to the whole team of Adidas!

Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-13 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-14 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-15 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-17 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-18 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-19 Adidas-Predator-Instinct-Supernatural-Shoes Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-16 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-20 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-21 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-22 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-23 Adidas-MiCoach-Behind_the_scenes-Shooting-Fitnessmodel-24

All pictures taken with Iphone5s

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