Grey mouse

A whole outfit in just grey? You won’t find that on Lindarella! I absolutely love this color in all it’s shades, but I am not the type of girl who wears just one color in one outfit. So I decided, that this outfit is the perfect reason for wearing my new Pinko slippers.

Actually I didn’t even plan to buy them ,but they were something like a goodie. I bought a bag and got those shoes on top… Well, maybe it was more more like blackmail, because I couldn’t decide. Anyways ,I know have a new bag and shoes and absolutely love both!


I wear:

Jeans: Zara, similar here
Shirt: Asos
Shoes: Pinko, similar here
Sunnies: LeSpecs
Bag: AnyDi
Earrings: Asos
Drink: Starbucks

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Unfortunately I couldn’t find those shoes online to shop for you- I guess you can find them just in Italy in the stores and even just this summer. They are just perfect for simple outfits and they are super comfy!


I thinnk my blue-green-purple sunnies are perfect with those shoes. I bought them now for the third time: Once I broke it and the other time I forgot it in a taxi. Well let’s see how long this time will stay with me! 😉


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