In Rotterdam w/ Hunkemoller

As I received the invitation to join an event in the Netherlands I realized, that I actually have never been in this country. Even if it is a neighboring country of Germany it is quite far away from Munich, so I was more than happy to follow this invitation and get to see a new country. I went by plane to Amsterdam and with a cap straight to Rotterdam- the hotel was directly located at the water and we had an amazing view!

Except of having a nice dinner with the Hunkemoller team and a view other bloggers we did not do much on the first day. The second day we started around nine o’clock in the morning to see the new collection of Hunkemoller and choose our workout clothes for the day.

HKMX event 08

We did a short, relaxing run through Rotterdam to our final destination: a crossfit studio! I have never done crossfit before and just heard opposite opinions: Those who love it and those who make fun of it. I think it is a lot of fun but really, really exhausting.

HKMX event 09

After the workout we had an charming lunch in one of the many foodmarkets in the city. Regional food, pretty ambiance and nice talks- that’s how to end an awesome event, right?

HKMX event 22

Unfortunately we missed it to make some pictures of the outfit I wore and so we shoot it as I was back in Munich. I love the colors the the outfit and am really pleased about the quality.

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Outfit Event: Hunkemöller & Brooks
Outfit Munich: Hunkemöller & Nike

Thanks a lot Hunkemöller for the invitation!

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