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Most of you wanted to see next the kitchen after I uploaded my first interior post: The office ! The kitchen is also one of those rooms which is already finished with furnishing. Well, almost: We still haven’t found a nice, white, wooden table in the right size. I already clicked through hundreds of  online shops and was in every shop in an near Munich- unsuccessfully till now.


Those transparent „Ghost-Chairs“ are classics from Kartell and the two white ones are from MeltalMobil. They are easy to clean and real comfy to sit on!

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Fresh flowers and fruits are a must for me in my flat. I work from home and it is really important for me to have enough healthy food in the fridge and flowers around you are always a feelgood factor, right?


All our kitchenware is matching the kitchen: Black, silver and white. Well, I would have chose a mint-green mixer, but for this time I let my boyfriend decide. And so we have everything in black-silver: Water boiler, Knife board, coffee machine and a SodaStream.

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A long time I thought about buying a SodaStream. But after carrying heavy water boxes twice a week and checking the water quality in Munich I decided to give it a try. There has been a design change (you don’t have anymore those blue plastic bottles) and you can even find the SodaStream with glass bottles which make it look a lot more premium, right?


Which part of the flat do you ant to see next, it’s your choice!

XXX, Linda


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