SUP & Sundowner

There is this day which just feel like real vacation. And on this day you remember you still haven’t yet booked your summer holidays, you have planned since ages. I was planning to do a roadtrip through the south of France. And I haven’t even decided the route. Or looked up hotels. Or the must-see places. Wow. The thing I need the most are vacation and I don’t have the time (or maybe I just don’t want to take the time) to look everything up? At the moment I am so much into work work work, doing everything the best way as possible, no mistakes, no leisure time … But hey- who can’t do this for a long time? So I decided (even if it was kind of work) to go with some of my favorite people to Lake Chiemsee and have one day off. Sand, water and sun was all it took me to come down and feel totally relaxed. I want to share some of the impression of this day, I hope you like it!

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