It’s this time of the year…

Just a few days and I will be in Paris to join the Fashion Week (well, to be honest, I am there for some sports events…) and I have absolutely no plan what to wear. I talked to a few other girls and they know since over two weeks what they will wear – exactly the whole outfit. „Oh shit“ is the only thing that came into my mind.

Two days to go to get everything done: buying some new clothes, matching them and trying to get everything packed in just one suitcase. I guess I will have everything ready three hours before my plane takes off. I am just not the type of girl, who is able to plan and have exact ideas about what I should wear. Even if I have a plan I change everything last minute.


I wear:

Pullover: Zara, similar here
Pants: Zara, similar here
Pumps: Topshop
Bag: Zara, similar here
Earings: Asos
Rings: Vintage
Sunnies: Bvlgari


This outfit (I won’t wear in Paris 😉 ) is a combination of the weirdest buys I did since a long time. Those shoes are round about 6 years old- I bought them as I went to see my family on the countryside, because some of my girls wanted to go clubbing and I just had sneakers with me. So, I have them since ages, but I sill like the style! Those pants I bought as I thought for a second: “ I need something in antique pink“. I did not wear it one day before or after this day. On the same day I bought this bag, because I wanted a cheap bag I don’t have to worry about when I go clubbing. Well I do not go clubbing, so everything makes real sense here, right? Also this pullover: I bought it as I felt real cold, and I L O V E it. I will wear it till I got my first tomate fleck on it. 😉

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