O’zopft is

This Saturday we heard it for the first time this year: „O’zapft is“! The Oktoberfest, located in Munich opened the doors and thousands of people ordered their first beer. But not me. I was – exactly at 12 o’oclock, when the major of Munich tapped the first barrel of beer – at the airport in Munich and instead of „O’zapft is“ I heard „O’Zopft is“. Pantene Pro-V did our Wiesnstyling this year and as I am without any talent when it comes to braids this was more than welcome!


Before the styling they were – of course – washed with the Pantene Pro-V products, I chose the Color Protect Protection line. It protects colored hair and let it shine again. Not even 2 minutes later me and my hair were ready to be styled for the Oktoberfest.

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After hairdrying we decited to do a Gretel styling, wich means a braid around the head. I would have been never be able to do such a styling! Even the stylist had to work around 30 minutes, that’s definitely a sign for „it’s impossible for Linda“.

Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-München-Deutschland-Wiesn-Oktoberfest-Dirndl-selbstgegnäht-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-8-web Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-München-Deutschland-Wiesn-Oktoberfest-Dirndl-selbstgegnäht-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-12-webFashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-München-Deutschland-Wiesn-Oktoberfest-Dirndl-selbstgegnäht-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-17-web

What’s about you? Are you able to do such hairstyles and if yes: how long did you need to learn it? I think it’s really amazing and I would love to be able to do it. Well, I guess the next days I won’t have such a nice hairstyling… 😉


In cooperation with Pantene Pro-V

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