TechnoGym HQ / Cesena

It’s been almost two weeks, since I went for a short trip into the south. Together with Laura from RunMunichRun and some other bloggers from all over the world we visited the Headquarter of TechnoGym, the world leader in fitness and wellness equipment.

We had time to do some beautiful runs at the beach, had delicious food and inspiring talks. But above all we got to know all those awesome products from TechnoGym.


You might know this brand from hotels and gyms- but there is so much more! Not just for „professional“ use- you can also buy equipment for your home. There is a new treadmill called „MyRun“ which is especially for private use, super small and really easy to handle. AND of course it is ways less expensive than the ones we know from the gym.

I think it is a great possibility- especially in winter – when you are not in the mood for outdoor running. I am really demotivated to run when it’s snowing and was thinking about a longer time to buy a treadmill.

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Of course we were able to test all the other products from TechnoGym – and this are MANY. Two floors with everything a fitnessjunkie loves.

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After two hours of running, training and having a good time we went for a quick lunch and then the day in Italy was over and I had to head back to cold Munich.


This is for all who don’t follow me on Instagram: A few of my favorite pics I posted during those two days.


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