Hello Sun!

Finally: No more layering with sweaters, coats, scarfs and everything warm we can find. Finally the times of sunglasses, light coats and sneaker without socks. Well, at least it felt like it this weekend. The weather forecast says snow next week but for the moment I couldn’t be happier. I love the sun as much as wearing summer outfits like this one!



I am wearing:

Sneaker: Nike Air Huarache
Jeans: Edited X Lena Terlutter
Shirt: Edited
Coat: Edited
Bag: Chloé Goldie, find the collection here
Sunnies: Ray Ban


I still remember the first time I saw the Huaraches on Marina, and I really did not like them at all. Too chunky, too bulky and not really feminine. Well, in between a few weeks this view changed completely and acutally I bought a second pair of Huaraches today! By the way those sneaker are super comfy and I could literally wear them all day long.

Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Muenchen-Berlin-Edited_the_Label-Chloe_Goldie-Bag-Python-6-web Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Muenchen-Berlin-Edited_the_Label-Chloe_Goldie-Bag-Python-7-web



Wearing this outfit, the first thing I heard was: „OH, are you going to Côte D’Azur?“ Hey, that’s what a summer outfit should look like, right? Blue-white striped shirts, a white jeans and my new favorite coat (it fits perfectly with my hair, right?!). If you like the coat, but are not sure about the color – it’s also available in black, check it out here. 🙂

Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Muenchen-Berlin-Edited_the_Label-Chloe_Goldie-Bag-Python-9-web Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Muenchen-Berlin-Edited_the_Label-Chloe_Goldie-Bag-Python-3-web Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Muenchen-Berlin-Edited_the_Label-Chloe_Goldie-Bag-Python-8-web

Too many questions lately about those sunnies: They are from Ray Ban and are available at Ray Ban (offline) and online at  Mister Spex. They are my favorite at the moment and just scream „summer“, right?


Have a lovely Sunday! Xxx

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