Airport Munich

There´s something really special about airports to me. This year I flew more than I did my whole life before. I saw so many cities and met people … and always this journey started at Munich Airport. It is a strange feeling to go through the security check and know: Soon I will be thousands of kilometers away. But on the other side it is a wonderful feeling coming home after being abroad.


I wear:

Sneaker: Adidas ZXFlux
Jeans: Zara
Pullover: Headhunter, similar here
Bag: Any Di, also love this Michal Kors bag on SALE
Uhr: Michael Kors

Headhunter-Pullover-ZXFlux-mint-orange-Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-München-Deutschland-Blog-Fashion-Lifestyle-Lifestyleblog-Fitnessblog-Fitness-Blog-Lindarella-6 Headhunter-Pullover-ZXFlux-mint-orange-Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-München-Deutschland-Blog-Fashion-Lifestyle-Lifestyleblog-Fitnessblog-Fitness-Blog-Lindarella-2

Thanks to Huawei I sit at the moment on the rooftop terrace of 25Hours Hotel in Hamburg and write those lines. In a some minutes I have to pack my luggage again and head to the airport to fly back to Munich.

We took those pictures a few days ago as I had to catch my flight to Paris. Normally I am never on time and always in a hurry, but this day was well planned and we even had time to shoot my “travel outfit”. At the moment I always wear sneaker when flying- heels or metal on shoes let  the securities aways stop you and you loose too much time (if you are in a hurry 😉 ). Flat shoes, no liquids and handluggage are the easiest way to travel and you don´t loose time with waiting or security checks.

Headhunter-Pullover-ZXFlux-mint-orange-Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-München-Deutschland-Blog-Fashion-Lifestyle-Lifestyleblog-Fitnessblog-Fitness-Blog-Lindarella-5 Headhunter-Pullover-ZXFlux-mint-orange-Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-München-Deutschland-Blog-Fashion-Lifestyle-Lifestyleblog-Fitnessblog-Fitness-Blog-Lindarella-7

This month are “only” two more travel destinations planned. After Paris, Mannheim and Hamburg I will go next weekend to Berlin (the 10km Nike Women´s Run takes place!) and the week after I will be two days in Stockholm. But don´t be jealous, it´s getting really tough: the Friday before in Munich I have 3 hours of Yoga training and in the evening a 8-12km run with Brooks. On Saturday there is a 10km run planned and on Sunday we do the whole day N+TC Workouts. So, no worries if you don´t hear anything from me on Monday- I might be dead or near to it!


I am so thankful to have all those opportunities at the moment, too meet such amazing people & cities and also I am proud I had the balls to go for “all or nothing”, be my own boss now and of what I have achieved the last year. Yeah, that´s right: Lindarella now exists for almost one year! In July we are celebrating anniversary!

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