Maybe you already recognize the outfit from another post? Well, it was a totally different topic than usual: Beauty! So I thought I make a new one for you, showing the super cool outfit! I love the tight of the moment, which was designed for the N+TC Tour Stockholm and -guess what- I will wear this weekend in Sweden! It just fits perfectly and I love it!

I wear:
Shoes: Nike Free 5.0
Socks: H&M )
Tights: Tight of the Moment N+TC Stockholm Tour
Bra: Odlo
Shirt: Nike
Watch: TomTom
Bracelet: Cruciani
Headphones: Yurbuds Inspire 300


Still my favorites listening to music while working out: Yurbuds Kopfhörer (atm I use Inspire 300), which I suggested you weeks ago (here). Colorful, best quality and you don´t have to be afraid to loose them!

Fitnessblog-Fitnessblogger-Fitness-Blog-Lauf-Laufblog-Sport-München-Deutschland-Munich-Germany-Lindarella-Lifestyle-TomTom-Cardio-Run-5 Fitnessblog-Fitnessblogger-Fitness-Blog-Lauf-Laufblog-Sport-München-Deutschland-Munich-Germany-Lindarella-Lifestyle-TomTom-Cardio-Run-7 Fitnessblog-Fitnessblogger-Fitness-Blog-Lauf-Laufblog-Sport-München-Deutschland-Munich-Germany-Lindarella-Lifestyle-TomTom-Cardio-Run-8 I use the TomTom Cardio Runner gladly for intervals- you can set the exact time or distance and the number of intervals, rest periods, warming up and so on. I loved using it training for the Nike Women´s 10km Berlin Run and improved a lot ! Sometimes I have problems with the GPS but all in all I am very happy with it!


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