A few days ago, as I wear jogging at the Isar, I saw a group of boys and girls who meet weekly to train together. We chatted a little (of course while doing burpees and push-ups! 😉 ) and came to a topic I was thinking about for a longer time. A few years ago, when you did some squats or lunges after your normal jogging round people gave you a really strange look. It is definitely okay to go running, but at this time, it was not okay to do other exercises outside. Round about one year all this totally changed. You train outside in groups, strangers who just came by admire what you do and even get motivated to join- and this is a thing I absolutely L O V E. Regarding the new #nomatterwhat campaign from PUMA I thought about what no matter what means to me. To stay a course, no matter what others think. Getting strange looks from other people, but be proud of oneself anyways. Stand behind what you believe, what you love and what makes you happy. Why bother so much about what others think of you when the only responsibility you have is simply: being yourself.


Why hide? Why now show the whole world want you want to achieve and what you will achieve? And why not motivate others? Everyone started as a beginner, everyone has self-doubts sometimes and everyone wants to never leave the couch again. B U T at some point you have to quit. To quit doing nothing and start doing everything.

And we start now, because now is the right time

You may have recognized, that this is not just a text about sports. Interpret it however you like, and of course also in the fitness one. This is what the rest of my blogpost is about: Sports and exercises I love and one can do everywhere at any time. I absolutely love exercises with your own bodyweight: you don’t need a gym and no weights. This are my top 7 exercises I do after going for a run or simply as a whole workout. It changes about how many sets and repetitions I do, but normally I do 3 sets à 20 repetitions for legs and 3 sets of 5-10 repetitions for arms.

1. Exercise: High Jumps (in the pic above)

Jump and lift your knees as high as possible. Don’t pause,do the 20 repetitions in a row.


2. Exercise: High Knees 

This exercise is similar to the first one, but you change the legs while jumping.


Variation of excerise 2: Steps

This one works perfectly with steps, so use them to get your bum in shape as well!


Exercise 3: Push-up

I know you hate it. All girls hate this exercise, but it is just perfect for train your whole body. Let’s start with doing as many push-ups you can do every morning. You’ll improve so fast! As I started I wasn’t even able to do five repetitions. If you are already a pro, lift one leg while doing them!


Exercisse 4: Sideplank

This exercise is one of the hardest for me. But anyways I have to do it. Hold it for 30 sek and go up 5 sek everyday. If it’s to easy for you lift one foot!


Exercise 5: Handstand-Push-up

I just discovered this bad ass exercise and absolutely love it! Do a handstand (I would suggest against a wall) and flex your arms the same way you would perform a push-up. The whole body should be moving down to the ground. And of course up again!


Exercise 6: Jump Squats

Stairs, a park bench or simply a box: Do a squat and jump with your whole energy up on the the box and do the squat again. Jump down and go on.


Exercise 7: Sprints

Nothing pushes your heart rate as much as fast sprints. Make it about 100- 200 meters for three times and run as fast as you can.

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