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Actually I wanted to be lazy the whole weekend and just stay in bed. Watching Netflix, eating in bed and don’t move. Spontaneously I changed my plans completely and went on Saturday to Vienna. Runtastic launched their new fitness tracker yesterday and I was one of the lucky bloggers who got to see them on this exact day. So, who associates Runtastic with just an running app? Well, that was also me till yesterday- and I was more than surprised to see the new trackers. Those ones have the look of a “real” watch and not just a plastic bracelet: that’s how I have all fitness trackers in mind…


On Saturday I was an earlybird and got up around 6am to be perfectly in time in Vienna. Together with Julia I went to the restaurant “Kussmaul” in downtown where a few other bloggers and the team from Runtastic waited for us. After a huuuuge brunch, super nice conversations we finally put our hands on the new watches and got to know all the cool details.


Those watches are not just super chic: They also have all the functions you expect from such a gadget: You can see not just the time but also at the same time how many steps you did on this day. If you want to go running you can change the watch with one click and the hands show you how many (kilo)meters you already run. In the app (of course the download is for free) you see statistics of your steps and distance as well as burned calories and sleep duration. My highlight is the alarm which is integrated in the watch. You don’t wake up by noise but by vibration on your hand. I think this is genius: Why waking up when just your boyfriend has to? (Or of course the other way round, but that’s extrem rarely) Guess who is getting a new watch the next time we have something to celebrate! 😉


After the little presentation and the delicious brunch we had a couple of hours before our flight back to Munich. We decided to take the new watch for our little shopping time in Vienna and also did some outfitpics. I think it is perfect with my travel look but also with an elegant business outfit, right?

? Fitnessblog-Fitnessblogger-Fitness-Blog-Blogger-Sport-Runtastic-Running-Linda-Rella-Kussmaul-Wien-Vienna-Tod's-Cape-Medium-black-8

I wear:

Sneaker: Adidas
Jeans: TwinSet
Pullover: Zara, similar here
 TrenchCoat: Massimo Dutti (last season)
Bag: Tod’s
Hat: Zara, similar here
Watch: Runtastic

Fitnessblog-Fitnessblogger-Fitness-Blog-Blogger-Sport-Runtastic-Running-Linda-Rella-Kussmaul-Wien-Vienna-Tod's-Cape-Medium-black-9 Fitnessblog-Fitnessblogger-Fitness-Blog-Blogger-Sport-Runtastic-Running-Linda-Rella-Kussmaul-Wien-Vienna-Tod's-Cape-Medium-black-10

Besides my favorite model of the “classic” line there are three other new designs: the colorful “Fun” trackers, the casual “Basic” watches and the sporty “Elite” varation. All watches from the Runtastic Moment collections have the same futures but a different design. Why this is important to know for you? Because Y O U can win one of those watches! It doesn’t matter if you want one for you or a member of your family / friend (don’t forget, christmas is just around the corner, and this is a perfect gift): Just tell me your favorite model and color and you have the chance to win (till 20th of September, winner will be contacted by me) !



In cooperation with Runtastic

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