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I already warned you about spamming through Wiesn time! So it just started: this is my very first “own” Wiesn post where you can see one of my Dirndl I sewed for Oktoberfest. If  you plan to pop by in Munich – I hope you read already my  How-to-Wiesn Post?

There are many more to come and I will inform you about most of the days I’ll join this festival. Well, I have to admit I will be half of the time in Paris and Berlin, but I will post as many as possible 😉


I wear:

Dirndl: Lindarella (selfmade)
Shoes: COS
Jewelry: Black Palms
Sunnies: LeSpecs
Bag: Mango (old)


On the first Wiesn Saturday I went together with some other blogger girls to the “Oide Wiesn” – this one you’ll find just a few steps away from the “original” one. There you feel – especially as a girl – more safe and more comfortable. Plus “Oide” means traditional and you have all the nostalgic and at the same time beautiful stuff there. I won’t tell you too much, better discover it on your own. It’s just a small fee (about 3,- Euros) to get in!

Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-München-Deutschland-Wiesn-Oktoberfest-Dirndl-selbstgegnäht-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-38-web Fashionblog-Fashionblogger-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-München-Deutschland-Wiesn-Oktoberfest-Dirndl-selbstgegnäht-Lindarella-Linda-Rella-25-web

Wearing heels while strolling the whole day on the festival? Yes, no, but maybe: Do whatever you want? I have to admit, I always choose my shoes around the occasion. If it’s chic, with reservation for a table and I decide to wear a silk Dirndl I also wear heels. This saturday was one of those ones and I decided to wear heels from COS with around 5cm heels. And as you can see: Almost all girls around me decided to do the same!


How this is possible? Well, one: you have extremely comfortable shoes, two: your feet are used to almost everything, three and also the simplest one: Insoles! This time I used some from Bama to soften my feet. I guess we all know them, but do you actually use them? I now have a pair in almost every bag of mine to help my feet immediately whilst wearing high heels.

My Essentials:

Some Jewelry
Chewing Gum
Gel-Soles (Bama)


The first Saturday started at 12 o’clock and I was home at 2 am. Thank you Bama for bringing me through the day & night!

In friendly cooperation with Bama

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