Rain in Paris

Rain in Paris? Well, then why not wearing an outfit that fights the rain? If you have just a few days in a beautiful city like Paris you can’t considerate something like the weather and just HAVE to go outside. Luckily I brought some shoes, which are perfect for rain (but don’t look like it!) and I kind of just waited for a nice day with a little rain to wear them. Those Sorel boots are acutally gumboots- even the heel. So just guess how comfy the are!


I wear:

Boots: Sorel
Pants: Holy Ghost
Sweater: Comptoir des Cotonniers
Bag: Chloé
Coat: Comptoir des Cotonniers
Sunnies: Chloé


I brought around 7 different bags with me but actually I just wear one. I still love this Chloé Hudson bag I bought some weeks ago. I think it is amazing, that I still wear all my spontaneously purchases which are ways over a budget for “normal” bags, and am so happy that they still satisfy me. I was always afraid, that some bags will get dusty while standing untouched in the cupboard. Luckily it is the exact opposite and now I have one problem: I am definitely up to waaaaays more spontaneously  shopping tours! 😉

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