Sudden Rush | Laax

Hello Switzerland, hello Laax! Last weekend I’ve been again in one of my favorite snowboardingareas (yes, I say snowboaring area intentionally because no winter sports area is doing so much for snowboarders- but of course all those skiers are welcome as well! 😉 ) to join the anual “Sudden Rush Banked Slalom LAAX 2017” hosted by Nicolas Müller and Terje Haakonson. Banked Slalom is kind of the original snowoboarding contest: The challenging track follows the natural terrain and is laden with banked turns.

Around 300 participants from 18 nations responded the call of the two pro-snowboarders: The youngest participants were 7 years, the oldest ones over 60 years old. Pro riders, fromer pro’s as well as numerous snowboard enthusiasts came to Laax to have an awesome weekend with lots of fun and motivation. The hard conditions like strong winds and snow were more than challenging and at the end they all were winners. Unfortunately the kidsrun on the second day had to be cancelled- too bad, this would have been the one were planned to shine… not. 😉


Also feel like you NEED to go to Laax? There are a lots of reasons: First of all it is – of course – the beautiful landscape and those perfect slopes. Besides of that you have the “Freestyle Academy” were you can improve your skills, jumps or whatever. Trampolines, skijumps and a lot of trainers help you on bad weather days or some hours before you plan to go to the “real” challenge outside. I promise you: This saves a lot of blues or worse! 😉

Also there takes a super awesome pop-up restaurant place which you HAVE to visit if you are around. Dita van Teese in her champagneglass is nothing compared to this show. Always different, always shocking, always a astonishing. Oh, and let’s talk about the food and wine! Super delicious, absolutely instagramable (if we don’t talk about the light) and definitely enough to be pleased back in your hotel room. I weren’t allowed to take pictures this time, but here’s a report from last year were you get a little insight what you can expect. Don’t forget to inform yourself at what time it takes place and you HAVE to do a reservation! <3


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